Kicking a Grumpy Bear

1948 Series I

Our snowless November came to a crushing end under an avalanche of two entire inches of snow yesterday. I was kind of hoping for that Snow Free Record, but it’s nice to have the snow too.

We do have a new neighbor this week, as a grizzly has been leaving sign not far from the cabin. It’s not unusual to see bear sign in the valley, but this is the first time I’ve come across it this close to the cabin. Other than the neighbor’s sled dogs, there is nothing edible outside. Assuming the griz doesn’t have a hankering for Genuine Land Rover parts.
It sounds like there have been quite a few bears late to hibernation, due to the unseasonably warm weather we have had here in the Interior so far this winter. The last grizzly that I remember in the area making house calls this late in the year, turned out to be a very old bruin who had not put on enough weight to hibernate. He developed an appetite for stored dog food, which ended up being an addiction that cost him dearly.

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

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