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We all knew it was heading this direction with the low snowfall this past winter and the lack of rain this spring.

Over the weekend, more than 100 new wildfires popped up within Alaska. Between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, over 8000 lightning strikes were recorded in the Interior. Of the new fires, most were due to lightning, but 17 are confirmed to be from human activity.

Alaska has basically been in a burn ban, statewide, for a couple of weeks. That means: No campfires, No charcoal grilling and No wood cutting. It’s tinder-dry out there people… Think!

Fairbanks had been spared up until Sunday, when some fires came to life around Nenana. The Tanana Valley is now a smokey bowl, and it was nasty out there today.


It does not sound like we are due for any relief anytime soon. The National Weather Service anticipates that Alaska will see higher than normal temperatures from July through the end of September. Warm surface temperature of the North Pacific and Bering Sea along with a lack of Arctic sea ice are contributing to keep the 49th State warmer than usual.

Graph & photo courtesy of Alaska DNR – Division of Forestry

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