Dear Distinguished Online Student,

UW Madison Students
UW Students lining up at Bascom Hill

After taking one online course through the University of Wisconsin, it would seem that the Badger Powers That Be, now consider me an official alum.

They are asking for money.

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4 responses to “Dear Distinguished Online Student,

  • Larry Janicsek

    Mike, Give, give, give and then give more til it hurts. Proud that you’re respected enough to be considered a Badger. Go red and drop the maroon and gold !!!!!!!! LOL,LOL, LOL. Good thing we’re many miles apart. We can discuss in person at the Frozen Four in Tampa but how ironic that it’s hosted by your new alma mater–WI forever !!!! LOL

  • thatssojacob

    Welcome to the University of Wisconsin. As an employee of UW, your support means much to us. And by us, I mean the powers that be, which be not me. But go badgers anyhow!

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