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Fresh Air

School bus conversion:

D500 Windows

With the warm temps, and the mosquito hordes, the first thing on my list was to screen the bus windows. I ended up running 24″ charcoal, fiberglass screening down the entire length of windows, even though I suspect I will be eliminating some of the windows. It was just easier. The hard part was finding enough aluminum bar stock in Fairbanks; I hit four suppliers and not one had the exact same item.

Life in The ‘Banks.

Newly screened windows

I had to pre-drill on the bus, as the self-drilling TEK screws made little headway on the 1967 metal. Kudos to Superior Coachworks; that is some solid steel. Unfortunately, there was very little to screw into above the windows, which threw a monkey wrench into my screening. I ended up taking up the space with some ripped cedar, which I could then attach through the rain channel.