Daily Archives: 26 June 2016

Wildlife at Play

Saturday was a good day up on The Ridge.
In the morning, I met up with a mother grouse and her brood. The little chicks could not have stood much more than two inches off the ground. I wanted to get a picture, but Mama had a comfort zone just out of decent camera range, so I was content just to watch the family waddle around the edge of my yard.

Later in the day, after putting the sheathing on the new outhouse frame, I had twin moose yearlings join me near the bus. They did not look old enough to have been chased away by Mom yet, but I did not see Mother Moose either. She may well have been around, and chose to let her foolish children eat the birch and willow shoots down below my deck, right where I’d like to build the sauna.
It was time for a break anyway, so I kicked back in the chair on my deck and watched the twins, until they ate their way back into the trees.

The youngsters are out & about, exploring the world.