Fairbanks received its first snowfall of the season on Thursday. A whopping 1/2″ pummeled the city. 

Of course, I stalled until Friday to take down the original Rover Hut and replace it with a new & improved Rover Hut II. 

I did get three winters out of the original, but there was no hope for a fourth. Partly, because I was gone for most of last winter, so there was no one willing to keep the snow off the roof. The poles took quite a beating even with the 2×4 supports. In the end, I don’t think it would have mattered. The roof was so thin from sun & weather rot, it tore when I tried to fold it up to place in the truck. 

The new & improved version is the “Alaskan Series“, which no doubt means 4 winters. I’m sure the label is not a ploy to get Alaskans to buy the thing based solely on the rugged name. 

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