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Hot Rod Lincoln

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

First snow

Denali Snow
Photo credit: Denali National Park

Denali Park had snowfall last week during the Road Lottery. Tuesday morning saw the first snowfall of the season in Fairbanks. Luckily, the snow was gone in Fairbanks by noon. Still, it caused a lot of foul language around here.

Fairbanks First Snow
September 27: First snow of 2016

“The crane is wilderness incarnate”

The Wisconsin River near Baraboo has become a late season congregation point for the sandhill crane. As many as 10,000 cranes converge here to rest and stock up before heading to their wintering grounds. It’s an impressive wildlife resurgence.

The sandhill crane had all but disappeared from the upper Midwest by the early 1930’s. The last of the breeding populations were gone from Illinois in 1890, Iowa in 1905, South Dakota in 1910, Ohio in 1926, and Indiana in 1929. By the 1930’s, there were only a few dozen cranes left in the state of Wisconsin.

I have a thing for cranes. Their lonely bugle call from the swamps always stops me in my tracks. Their migration in and out of Alaska is a bi-annual highlight of living in Alaska. Luckily, the population has been growing since the 1980’s, and this section of the Wisconsin River has been vital for that to happen.

The Aldo Leopold Foundation offers viewing tours along the Wisconsin River, behind Leopold’s Shack in November and December.

“When we hear his call we hear no mere bird. We hear the trumpet in the orchestra of evolution. He is the symbol of our untamable past, of that incredible sweep of millennia which underlies and conditions the daily affairs of birds and men.”
— Aldo Leopold

The Aldo Leopold Foundation offers viewing tours along the Wisconsin River, behind Leopold’s Shack in November and December.

The video and statistics come courtesy of The Aldo Leopold Foundation. The title quote is from Aldo Leopold’s “Marshland Elegy”

He put the word ‘charge’ into the game of golf

Arnold Palmer
Arnold and his Army

Arnold Palmer passed away today. The hard charging Palmer, changed the way golf was perceived in the U.S., coming along right when television was entering the American home. Palmer was my Dad’s favorite. My Dad loved golf, dragging me out to the links to caddy for him. My Dad eventually came to respect Nicklaus, but he always came back to how Arnold Palmer played the game: All out and always on the attack.

Arnold Palmer swing
“What other people may find in poetry, I find in the flight of a good drive.” -Arnold Palmer

I’ve never been a golfer, but I did enjoy being a caddy. One of my first jobs was at Hazeltine National. I’d ride my bike over to the golf course, caddy a round or two, then ride back home, and I had a blast doing it.

Rest in peace Arnold.

September in the Interior

September on the Hill

Autumn Drive

Sept Drive

Bear on the run

A black bear led Anchorage police officers on a high speed gallop through downtown the other night. It took 3-1/2 hours to corral the male bruin in the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery.

The 200 pound black bear was tranquilized by Alaska Fish & Game officials, and then released outside of the city at “an undisclosed location”.

According to Fish & Game spokesman, Ken Marsh, “It found itself downtown and probably was a little confused. He was doing his bear thing, and before he knew it he was in the city.”

The above video was posted by the Anchorage Police Department on their Facebook page.

It’s game day

Chuck Foreman runs against the Packers

Minnesota v Green Bay – Episode 112

Telephones: Unsafe with any dial

Fire at Rotary Park

Officials with Samsung appeared at the Ma Bell archives late Friday night after combing through the catacombs of the long forgotten warehouse. Witnesses to the hastily called press conference confirmed that the above photo, which recently went viral, shows a building that burned to the ground when a rotary phone spontaneously went up in flames in June of 1972.

“Technology simply has not advanced enough, in the world of communication, to avoid these occasional bursts of telephone pyrotechnics,” stated Samsung’s fire chief emeritus, Edgar Robins. “Frankly, we’ve been battling this since the Candlestick,” he added solemnly.

Melted rotary

A photo of the alleged offending rotary phone was also displayed at the press conference. This photo, much to the dismay of the fire chief emeritus, did not go viral.

Editor’s note; A Correction: The first photo above was of a fire at Rotary Park, not a fire caused by a rotary phone, as previously reported. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Nice win for the Bison!

NDSU defeats Iowa

The NDSU Bison defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes 23-21 today in Iowa City. What a great game. Iowa was ranked #15. The win maintains the Bisons’ streak of victories over FBS teams. Since 2010, NDSU has beaten Iowa State, Kansas State, Colorado State, Minnesota and now Iowa. The Bison have won five consecutive FCS National Championships.