Campfire vs Bonfire

Mn Campfire
Minnesota campfire

Maybe Alaskans over do it, but campfires up there seem so much larger than in the Lower 48. (Knoxville excluded) Don’t you have pallets down here?
Since I’m on the subject: What’s up with not owning an axe? When showing two near-teens how to properly build/light a fire, I was splitting kindling in a garage with a brick chisel and a drilling hammer! The travesty! Life lessons lose some credibility when one does not have the proper tools, and you are forced to repeat the phrase, “Now, don’t you do it this way.”
In other news, I know what my cousin is getting for X-mas.

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  • Pete

    Maybe the fires are bigger in Alaska because its a tad cooler than the lower 48? Then again from personal experience we/I just love big honking piles of burning stuff to keep the bears and bugs away!

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