The view from snowshoes

We had roughly five inches of snow fall Sunday night, and close to eight fell the week before. I could hear the call of the snowshoes on Monday, so I strapped them on and ventured out into the Back 400. We had some snow out there, and my previous paths were completely covered. Still, it was a beautiful day to be out breaking a new trail.

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Just a basic, down to Earth, laid back type of guy here, who loves the outdoors, the indoors, jazz on the turntable, a fire in the woodstove, the northern lights blazing across the sky, and the company of good friends. View all posts by icefogger

2 responses to “The view from snowshoes

  • Pete

    I love the photograph it reminded me of the many winter days when it was super cold and I went out to pump fuel or turn my generator on and the only sound was the crunch of the snow beneath my feet…thanks but I may have to stop following your blog because some of your Alaskan photographs are painful to see knowing I’ll never walk that land again.

    • icefogger

      Feel free to come and go as you please, and know you are always welcome. If I could make a suggestion, Pete: Think of your stopping by this site as visiting your old home without the need of long underwear. That could make it easier for you. Best wishes from your old stomping grounds.

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