Blue skies in the afternoon

Not everything that leaves tracks is on paws.

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5 responses to “Blue skies in the afternoon

  • mfzeissler

    True enough. What are the weirdest tracks that you’ve seen up there?

    • icefogger

      Ptarmigan tracks in the snow can be pretty cool, especially when their wings mark the snow, or their tail feathers trail behind. The ones that stand out the most – I came across grizzly tracks in late December during a warm up when I was out poking around the woods. They are an impressive set, and will get your heart pumping.

      • mfzeissler

        Totally agree on the grizzly tracks.

        We once camped in eastern Glacier National Park and woke up in the pre-dawn hours to hear a grizzly sow and her cub go through our camp site, between our tent and our pickup truck.

        After daybreak, we were able to track them several hundred feet to and from our campsite, and discovered that mama griz had left huge claw marks on the top of the pickup cab. We showed them to a ranger and he confirmed that was what they were.

        We were much more careful about camping in that area afterwards.

  • David J. Bauman

    No Grizzly tracks this far south, but I had Coyote tracks recently, and Turkey tracks in the graveyard snow are just so cool. I’ll have to upload those photos.

    • icefogger

      David, I think you should share those photos. I get a huge kick out of the little weasel prints in the snow, although they make my heart beat in a different way than the grizzly tracks.

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