No cruising Nome

Nome, Alaska

The cruise industry has put Nome in dry dock for the 2021 season. The city was hoping to get five cruise ships in this summer, but the Harbormaster, Lucas Stotts, confirmed this week that the industry has pulled the plug. No blaming the Canadians this time, however. The ships that visit Nome also dock at Provideniya, Russia. Like Canada, Russian ports are closed to tourists for 2021. No alternative was found, so the season officially ended before it began.

I think it is safe to say that the tourist industry is looking forward to 2022.

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2 responses to “No cruising Nome

  • Mitch Zeissler

    How much of the annual income for Nome does the cruise industry represent in a typical year? I ask because where we stayed in Montana – Ennis – is very tourist centric (fishing during the warmer months and hunting during the cooler months), and their economy would be devastated without tourist dollars.

    • icefogger

      The communities in Southeast Alaska, like Skagway, have really been hit hard by the lack of tourism. Overall, I suspect the hit to Nome to be rather small, percentage wise. The big tourism event would be the Iditarod sled dog race, which should be back in 2022. The top industry in Nome is still gold mining.

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