First Cruise

The Serenade of the Seas in port at Sitka, Alaska; Photo credit: Alaska Public Media

The first large cruise ship since 2019 hit port in Sitka last week. From most reports, one could barely tell it came in by the activity level in town.

On a ship that has a capacity of just under 2500 passengers, the crew members outnumbered passengers 804 to 632. The passengers didn’t seem to mind the extra elbow room, however.

In a sign of the times, Sitka was in the midst of the largest coronavirus outbreak in Alaska outside of Anchorage.

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7 responses to “First Cruise

  • Mitch Zeissler

    I think I’d stay aboard the ship too, if I was told that the port was infected. Just sayin…

    • icefogger

      I understand exactly what you’re saying, but they didn’t stay on the ship. They just didn’t show up in large enough numbers to be really noticed.
      Once, after hiking the Chilkoot Trail, I was hanging out in Skagway. When the cruise ship docked, there was a tsunami of people coming down the boardwalks to the town. It was a daunting experience for an end-of-roader. I occasionally still have nightmares.

      • Mitch Zeissler

        I know the feeling! We were once at Norris Basin in Yellowstone when a huge group of 30+ tour buses dumped close to a couple thousand people all at once with the same results.

        Cindy and I now go out of our way when we see tour buses approaching.

      • icefogger

        As incredibly selfish as it is, I have not missed the tour busses the past two summers.

  • Timothy

    I cruised three times in recent years but I’m waiting a bit for the next one. Not out of fear, but I can’t imagine it to be too much fun with all the coronavirus countermeasures.

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