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Lions Tap

Lions Tap-exterior

I took my Dad down County Road 4 to “Flying Cloud Drive” and the Lions Tap last week.
The Lions Tap started out in 1933 as a vegetable stand. Heroically, they started to sell beer at the little stand soon after, and by the end of the decade gasoline, bootlegged whiskey, and slot machines were added. In the early 1950’s the bar started to grill its famous hamburgers.

Lions Tap - interior

My Dad delivered Grain Belt beer to the Lions Tap in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It was a job that gave him many stories to tell, and he shared them with anyone that would listen when we stopped by the little roadhouse last week. Quite a few farmers would buy him a beer when he was done unloading his kegs, and his boss would often stop by the bar and order him to have a Grain Belt or two before continuing on with his route. It was a different world.

Back then, the hamburgers sold for a quarter and the glass of Hamm’s or Grain Belt sold for a nickel. Today, the Lions Tap is still grilling up their famous burgers and they have their own line of craft beers on tap, although the prices have changed a bit.