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Reblog: COME ON BROTHER, I’M TAKING YOU HOME — Pacific Paratrooper

GP Cox has one of my favorite blogs on the internet, and I felt this was a particularly powerful post, so I thought I’d reblog it here on C-to-C.  Hopefully, GP won’t mind, because I did not ask permission first.  This site is well worth checking out, and the video below is well worth watching.  Thanks GP, for all that you do here on WP.


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Angel Flights are the U.S. Air Force planes (C-130’s) used to fly home our Fallen Soldiers. Angel Flight is also their call sign. Angel Flights have top priority in the U.S. airspace – Towers will be heard to say, “Number One for landing/take off.” The Air Force Angel Wing flare pattern is amazing to watch […]

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Gypsy Hiker in Kathmandu

The Gypsy Hiker is now in Nepal. Since the name Kathmandu always stirs up images, I wanted to share his blogpost on his visit there. In a previous post, the Gypsy Hiker was invited to a local wedding in Kathmandu. The best times come about unexpectedly, when traveling, and I have also been shown incredible hospitality, by complete strangers, when on the road.

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My first reblog:

The Gypsy Hiker is a fellow blogger here on wordpress and he has recently started on a very nice trek. I’ve never reblogged someone’s post before, but he asked me if I’d share his video blogs, and as most of you know, I’m a sucker for a big trip. The Frenchman is visiting six Asian countries over the course of the next six months, and a link to his site and vlog is below. You can click on his site to get to his youtube page. Currently, The Gypsy Hiker is in Thailand, taste testing the country’s delicacies.


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