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My first reblog:

The Gypsy Hiker is a fellow blogger here on wordpress and he has recently started on a very nice trek. I’ve never reblogged someone’s post before, but he asked me if I’d share his video blogs, and as most of you know, I’m a sucker for a big trip. The Frenchman is visiting six Asian countries over the course of the next six months, and a link to his site and vlog is below. You can click on his site to get to his youtube page. Currently, The Gypsy Hiker is in Thailand, taste testing the country’s delicacies.


via Check it out on YouTube! Click and like — A boy around the world

Capa photo D Day

Photo credit: Robert Capa… Omaha Beach

June 6, 1944

Landing barge approaching Normandy
A landing barge approaching the coast of Normandy, France. 6 June 1944
Photo courtesy of the United States Coast Guard

Normandy 6 June 1944
Establishing a foothold on the beaches of France. The Allied Invasion of Europe. 6 June 1944
Photo courtesy of the United States Army

6 June

Omaha Beach

War correspondent Robert Capa took this photograph while wading ashore Omaha Beach with one of the first landings of soldiers.  Capa took 79 images during the first hours of the invasion.  A careless lab tech ruined all but 7 of the negatives.

Over his 22 year career, Capa covered the Spanish Civil War, the London blitz, World War II, the birth of Israel, and the war in Indochina.  He was killed in 1954 when he stepped on a mine while covering his final conflict in Indochina.

68 Years Ago

Photograph by Robert Capa