Daily Archives: 11 December 2010

Couch Surfing

Peter is a member of a couch surfing website. Many of you may already know the drill, but I am new to the ride. We sent a message to Paul in Laredo that we were coming through, and needed a place to crash. Paul had room, so we met up with him and chatted a bit and were promptly invited to a Young Rotarian Christmas party.
It was a great time. Most members of this rotary club seemed to be in their thirties. The party was held in a beautiful home, and the host & hostess were very gracious to include us in the gathering. The traditional Mexican meal pozole was served, and it was incredible. The first time I have had pozole.
There were some fantastic people at the party, who both cautioned me and encouraged me with regards to the trip. I received some very good advice on a more specific route south towards Veracruz, and was told which areas to avoid at all costs.
It was an incredible experience, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been invited.

We did cross into Nuevo Laredo today, which was an absolute zoo. We went later than I had wanted, due to the party the night before, and it was a Saturday, but there was no way I could be prepared for the sheer number of people crossing. Winding around the corner, we found ourselves in the “Declaration” lane, and no one had any intention of letting us out of it. Luckily, an incredibly sweet woman customs agent on the Mexican side, stopped traffic and escorted us over to the “Nothing to Declare” line. Bless her beautiful soul.
It was absolute insanity with all of the people. The lines were horrendous, and the directions we were given to get the tourist visa and vehicle importation permit, took us to the wrong building in the first place. By the time we made it back over to the correct building and saw the lines there, I had had enough of the hours of clutching and braking. Peter agreed, so we will get up early tomorrow, go to the border and play things by ear after that. If we camp out tomorrow night near Laredo, neither one of us will be upset with that, if it means a good start past Monterrey on Monday.