Daily Archives: 7 December 2010

The Alamo

San Antonio

An easy day of driving, although I did hit traffic. Dropped down into Kerrville to meet up with Dean who was recently motorcycling around Mexico. I’m not one to pass on first hand information or on the stories that come with it. Plus, I wanted to find out if that Astrovan really did any drifting out there in the fields like someone led me to believe… I really appreciate Dean making time to get together even though we had never met before.
I left Kerrville on Hwy 16S for SA. Wow. What a concentrated road of hairpin curves for a few miles. It was like driving on a knot. Not an ideal Rover Road, but still fun.
I hit SA at 5:30 and it was a zoo. There must be a link between driver and vehicle, because that Rover knew I wanted at least 60mph and I was given 63 throughout that tangled mess of asphalt until we hit the inevitable gridlock and we screeched to a standstill. Let me just say, that 63 in a Series Rover in the middle of all that insane traffic, is one wicked ride.
It’s probably a good thing there is no traffic in Alaska.