Daily Archives: 9 December 2010

Ice fog

AJ: Ice fog happens in Fairbanks when it drops to -30 or colder.  When moisture hits super cooled air that can not hold any more moisture, we get ice fog.  The “extra” moisture comes from cars, homes, furnaces and power plants, as well as other sources.  It is complicated by our temperature inversions, where the warm air is found at higher elevations and the cold air is forced lower, trapping the ice fog.

My buddy Peter did decide to ride along for part of the trip afterall.  He arrived via Amtrak around midnight of the first visit to SA.  When we drove down to Laredo, we drove I-35, but on the return trip north, we went the scenic route and drove Hwy 59 to Hwy 16.  I drove to Freer, then had Peter drive north on 59.  About 8 miles out from SA, a very enthusiastic gentleman, who was standing on the side of the road next to a white pickup truck, was frantically flagging us down.  We assumed that he had passed us, and that there was something wrong with the Rover. Peter hit the brakes, causing the Rover to swerve just as the fellow walked closer to the edge of the road.
“Well, don’t hit him!”  I shouted.  I slid the passenger window open and the man said, “I’m sorry, but you just don’t see many 109’s out this way anymore.”
“Oh.  Well.  That’s ok.”
We chatted for a bit as traffic flew past us, and he gave me his cell number & email in case I need anything.  He has “tons” of spare Rover parts.  In the end, I gave him my email as well.
By now Peter had time to think over driving the Rover into SA, so I went back to the drivers seat and we left Mac waving us off.
I’ve never had that happen before.

Back to San Antonio

We camped out at Lake Casa Blanca last night in Laredo.  A beautiful clear night, although the wind did pick up during the night.  Some great people run the park, and several stopped by to see how things were going and we were met when we tried to exit the park as well.

Unfortunately, I noticed a wet tire on the Rover in the morning, which left little doubt as to what the problem was.  I googled some shops in Laredo, but few were interested in looking at an old Series, and none gave me confidence.
British 4×4 Centre in San Antonio were interested in looking at the old truck, so after a short debate, we made the drive back.  I figured I might as well have someone who know Rovers look the truck over.
Sure enough, the driver’s side front wheel cylinder was leaking, and they should have me back on the road by noon tomorrow.  We’ll see, but they had the Rover in the garage immediately, which says a lot.  I am also having them change the oil and dilute the antifreeze mix.