Daily Archives: 15 December 2010

Matehuala, Mexico

We stopped here at La Palmas in Matehuala. I was told the place is run by some great people, and that Mexico Overlanders should support them with the tourist crunch that is going on right now in Mexico. So far, everyone here has been great. We have the back RV area to ourselves, and there are only a few rooms rented by the looks of it. But we do have a shower and the overnight charge for the Rover and the Bibler is $23.50 USD.

Time to search for the cerveza.

Estoy en Mexico

We crossed into Nuevo Laredo, but didn’t spend any time there since we had already visited on two consecutive days. En route to Monterrey we had to stop to show our papers approximately 20 miles in. The agent was professional and courteous. He took our passports, glanced at our FMT, and declined the automotive stuff, and we were on our way. That was the only time we were stopped.
For the most part we went against 75% of advice given and drove the libre roads, jumping on the toll roads only when they made our life easier. All went well and we saved some pesos.