Organ Pipe Cactus NM

The drive down to Organ Pipe was well worth it. It’s a beautiful area, and like all spots along the border, there were very few people camped out. Of the 208 campsites, maybe 25 were in use, which suited me just fine, but it doesn’t offer a lot of help to the budget. Up near Lake Havasu, the sites did have quite a few more people.
I was sitting there in the evening, the lantern was off, and I was enjoying a Guinness that a fellow traveler had given me north of Yuma. The stars were out, and one could see the Milky Way flow across the sky. Then… an eerie silence overcame the desert… and out of no where… my phone beeped from the truck. I had an email. I’m in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, a stone throw from the Mexican Border, and I get a damn email. As nice as contact is, sometimes you just have to turn everything off.
The pics were nice Sam, thanks.

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