Victoria Mine

I was up at 7, at the trailhead by 8, hot and shirtless at 9. Life in the desert. The Victoria Mine hike is 4.5 miles, and the buzzards were out. Although, not for me. There was a lot of Border Patrol helicopter activity off to the southeast, circling an area, widening out into ever larger circles. The helicopter would fly off and the buzzards would fly back in, only to be scared off again when the copters returned. I never did find out what all the circling was about.
As hot as it was, it was still a great hike. The trail meandered among the cactus, through washes, and over hills out to the old mine ruins. The shafts are still there, most have been covered with welded steel grating that allows for the bats to leave their habitat, but keep people from entering.

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