Daily Archives: 1 May 2011

Back in K-ville

It was opening night at Knoxville Raceway last night. The first time I had viewed a race from the Second Floor of the Museum since the end of the ’07 Season.
It was a beautiful night for racing, which was a welcome surprise from the week-long call for rain. I wish I could say that it was a thrilling night of racing, but the track conditions called for a lot of “follow the leader”, which put at least two to sleep on the second floor. The Powers of the Second Floor have always kept a tight ship, which deterred the masses from throwing the evening into total Chaos. Those Volunteers really are a group of Unsung Heroes.

Prior to the race, there was a classic car show at The Raceway. The participants were allowed to drive around the track at “intermission”. Damn, I couldn’t help but wonder if they would have let me enter The Rover into the show, because I had this great desire to drive the truck around that oval.
Lost opportunities can haunt a man.

Danny Lasoski won his 94th race at Knoxville, taking the 410 Main. Robbie Wolfgang, who had a nice & vocal following on the Second Floor, ran a strong 6th. Davey Heskin, the St Michael, MN native who won the B Feature to get into the A, had a tough job due to starting back in the pack, and finished 11th.
Russ Hall and Carson McCarl both won their first race at Knoxville, taking the 360 and 305 respectively. I heard today that Carson may be the youngest winner at Knoxville; he’s only 16 years old.

It was definitely fun to be back in Knoxville, seeing both the racing and some old friends again.