Daily Archives: 6 May 2011

Non-Wing Sprint Cars

Non-wing sprint cars was a new experience for me, and I had an absolute blast at the Bloomington Speedway. It’s a great little 1/4 mile track, and there was a tremendous crowd out for the races as well. I really enjoyed the non-wing racing, and we had some great racing going on Friday night for the opening of the KISS series.

Fifty-four cars started the night, with twenty-two of them in the feature. 30 laps from green to checker with no stoppage. It was great! I had never seen that many laps go without a yellow flag. I could get hooked if they ran these cars on a track near Fairbanks. Brady Short took the win, with Bobby East and Jon Stanbrough taking second & third.

Bloomington Speedway


Jungle Park Speedway

I roadtripped out east with Tom & Larry to camp out at some state parks and take in a couple of sprint car races. Our first track was the remains of the Historic Jungle Park Speedway, which ran (off & on) from 1926 to 1960, with its peak being in the 1930’s & 40’s.
The first three photos are of the track in its hayday, and the last three I took over the weekend. One section of the tiered grandstands remains, and you can still see the bank of the old track which is now covered with grass.
Jungle Park is in Indiana near Turkey Run State Park, which itself is worth a hike-through.