Daily Archives: 26 October 2011

A Sad Day for College Hockey

It comes as no surprise to hockey fans following the turmoil at UAH that Interim President Malcolm “Hackjob” Portera has decided to eliminate the Charger Division 1 program. From where I sit in judgement, it looks like the most frustrating thing about this for the supporters of the team, is that the decision was made long before Portera arrived in Huntsville, and everything that has gone on was simply a case of going through the motions.

It’s unfortunate, and I would love to rag on Portera for his dishonest statements. I’d love to rail against the CCHA and the schools who denied UAH entry into the conference two years ago. Oddly enough, the schools who voted against UAH, are also the same schools who abondoned the CCHA this year. I’d also love to know which elitist D-1 coach said that “the only reason to vote for UAH was for feeling sorry for them.”

All I can do is wish nothing but the best for the athletes who are now without a program. Hopefully, they’ll find other opportunities to continue to play the game.

As for Doc Portera… I wish him the very best of karma.