Daily Archives: 9 October 2011

La Nina vs. Interior Alaska

The Experts at The Climate Prediction Center are calling for “enhanced chances that the three-month average temperature (Dec-Feb) will be significantly colder than normal across much of Interior Alaska as well as from the Aleutian Islands to the panhandle. There are also enhanced chances of significantly below normal precipitation across much of the eastern Interior”.


Oddly enough, we’re already behind schedule, as it were. The first hard frost was already two weeks late from average. By October 1 we have usually had our first snowfall of an inch or more, but we haven’t seen any of the evil white stuff yet this year.

But one thing we all agree on: It Is Coming.

“He travels fastest who travels alone . . . but not after the frost has dropped below zero fifty degrees or more. —Yukon Code. —“To Build A Fire”