Daily Archives: 13 October 2011

Liberty Falls

These falls were right behind my campsite on the way to Chitina. The sun was already setting when I arrived, but I tried to take a few pictures with the 120 shooter. The color shot was the last on the roll, then I switched over to B&W to see how the camera runs through that. By the time I switched, and then hiked up closer to the falls, it was definitely dusk. Still, I kind of like it dark…

On a side note, and in an effort to vent: People are pigs. Absolute, squealing, blasted pigs. My site wasn’t bad, but it was off and by itself. Garbage was spewn over the other sites, and they left out “family packs” of chicken, probably bought at Wal-Mart, still full of chicken juice. In grizzly bear country! As far as I am concerned, whoever left the packs derserve to meet up with a hungry bruin as it fattens up for hibernation, but don’t drag the rest of us into your quest to become bear scat. Damn, was I one cranky SOB when I walked around cleaning up after the a*******. I met a young couple who had just spent the day at the mines; they found things even worse at their site. But we’re a family friendly blog here at Circle to Circle, and I won’t relate what was found. Mainly because I can’t relay the information without cussing in full color.

If you come to Alaska to experience this incredibly beautiful country, we’d really appreciate it if you cleaned up after yourselves, you filthy bastards.

The Old 66 Can Still Shoot

Not bad colors from a fifty year old camera. I’m curious to get it out again.

Ahhh… it was so nice that weekend, the sun was out, the leaves still had color, and I was in a t-shirt! And today? Today we had snow in the air all day, and I don’t think we went above 31 degs.