This was my first trip to Florida and I now only have one state out of the fifty that I have not visited.

The highlight of the trip was Friday night at Skipper’s Smokehouse, a well known music venue in Tampa. Tom & I had dinner there prior to the live music, and it was some of the best sea food I have had in a long time. It was also the first time I have ever eaten alligator. It tasted like crocodile to me.

The Crazy Carls, a four man band out of Orlando, opened the night. For a small local band, I thought they kicked ass. Then the Legendary JC’s, a soul-filled, funk band also out of Orlando, rocked the joint. If you melded Sam Cooke with James Brown, you may end up with JC.
Skipper’s is an outdoor venue, with ancient oaks offering a canopy over the concert area, forming what the locals call: The Skipperdome.
The place was a blast. What an incredible tip for a night out in Tampa.

The championship game on Saturday night was arguably better than anticipated, but BC was simply a better team than the other three in the field. I still find it a little surreal to wear shorts & a t-shirt to a hockey game, but I adapted. Knowing the NCAA, this won’t be the last southern Frozen Four.

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