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The ‘Oxford & Cambridge’ Question

‘Cambridge and Oxford’ on the Stillwell Road, Burma.

A while back, Alex asked me a question on why these two Rovers were called Oxford & Cambridge. I was then scolded by another reader for not giving more information in that post on “The Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition”.
Well, I was traveling without the laptop, and uploading posts through the phone is simply a pain in the arse.

In 1955 six Oxford & Cambridge students set off overland from London for Singapore. It turned out that only one student, Nigel Newbery, was from Oxford, but the name of the expedition stuck and the two Land Rovers were then referred to as “Oxford” and “Cambridge”. In fact, they were painted Cambridge blue and the darker blue of Oxford.

The expedition left Hyde Park and crossed the English Channel to France. From there they traveled through Monaco, Germany, Austria, Jugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Malaya and Singapore. The trek to Singapore took 6 months and 6 days, traversing 18,000 miles.

Oh Yeah…

I’m back in Squarebanks. I suppose it’s expected that I share that little tidbit of info.

So I climb into the modern Chevrolet Silverado after weeks of double clutching in the Land Rover, only to have the serpentine belt jump a pulley and then snake its way around the entire engine compartment, leaving little rubber flakes scattered about under the hood. I am now forced to drive the Beetle down to NAPA to get a new belt for the truck. When I parked the Bug last fall, it had a wheel bearing going out.
Back to the Chevy: It now appears that the alternator has also gone out of the Chevy, so I drove the still squeaking Bug to the jobsite, completely loaded down with painting equipment. I’ll probably have to haul two fives of paint tomorrow in it as well, but I’m holding off on strapping the 7′ step ladder to the VeeDub’s roof rack.

The new alternator should be here tomorrow afternoon for the Chevy.

I also considered buying the bearings & seals for the Beetle, but 2/3’s of the needed parts were not in town.

Welcome back.