The Scent of Parts in the Air

Spring must be near, even here so close to the tundra. I recently placed an order for a slew of Rover gaskets, because: 1) Rovers leak, and 2) I really have an itch to double clutch and get passed on the Expressways.

I stopped by a friend’s place of business this afternoon, to see that he had new VW parts scattered about his desk. He’s taking on an engine rebuild, so of course, he had to show me pictures of the motor sitting on the garage floor. $322.00 in shipping charges later, he had most of the parts needed to complete (start) the job. He said, “I can’t believe you had a complete motor shipped up here. How much did that set you back?” I hated to tell him about $58, because I used a freight forwarder. At least he didn’t have to ship a cylinder head, the post office clerk still hasn’t forgiven me for that.

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