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53 Years Ago

Jack McCartan in net

28 February 1960

The United States won its first Olympic gold medal in hockey at the Squaw Valley, California Games. The team was undefeated against Sweden, Canada, the USSR and finally Czechoslovakia.

Three former Golden Gophers skated on the 1960 U.S. Team: John Mayasich, Dick Meredith and Jack McCartan. Footnote: Herb Brooks was the final cut from the squad.

Photo courtesy of Golden Gopher Hockey

The Scent of Parts in the Air

Spring must be near, even here so close to the tundra. I recently placed an order for a slew of Rover gaskets, because: 1) Rovers leak, and 2) I really have an itch to double clutch and get passed on the Expressways.

I stopped by a friend’s place of business this afternoon, to see that he had new VW parts scattered about his desk. He’s taking on an engine rebuild, so of course, he had to show me pictures of the motor sitting on the garage floor. $322.00 in shipping charges later, he had most of the parts needed to complete (start) the job. He said, “I can’t believe you had a complete motor shipped up here. How much did that set you back?” I hated to tell him about $58, because I used a freight forwarder. At least he didn’t have to ship a cylinder head, the post office clerk still hasn’t forgiven me for that.

“He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two.”
— Victor Hugo
from “Les Miserables”

The Details are Unimportant

I ran into a contractor yesterday.

“Hey. I have something for you,” he yelled across several aisles.

“Can it wait until May? I’m booked till May.”

“Well… May huh?”

“Definitely May. If you can keep it to May, that would be great. If you tell me about it, I’ll be tempted to shuffle things around, and I really shouldn’t. I’m booked solid. Real solid.”

He looked at me with suspicion. “What are you working on?” He finally asked.

“I really can’t say. Sorry.”

“Trying to get Outside, are you? A little cabin fever?”

“I really can’t tell you about the project. I wish I could. Confidentiality. All that jazz. You know how it is.”

“The pay is great,” he says smiling at me.

“Now you are just being an ass hole.”

“Call me in May. I can work with that.”

“Great. It just so happens I’ll be free in May. Late May mind you.”

22 February 1980

Herb Brooks 1980


USA beats USSR 1980

This Day in Hockey:
Lake Placid, NY

The Russians went up early, but the U.S. tied the score in the last second of the first period. In a surprise move, the Soviet Union pulled its starting goalie Vladislav Tretiak – considered the best in world – but soon recaptured their lead, going up 3-2 in the second period. In the third period, the U.S. again pulled even behind Mark Johnson’s second goal. And with exactly 10 minutes left to play, Mike Eruzione put the US ahead 4-3. The Russians launched wave after wave of attacks (the U.S. was outshot 39-16) but couldn’t get the puck past goaltender Jim Craig and the lead held.

The U.S. would go on to beat Finland to secure the gold.

“You are born to be a player,
you were meant to be here,
this moment is yours.”

—-Herb Brooks

RIP Coach

I wouldn’t know what a fixed plan looks like…

Sharing the Road

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”
Lao Tzu


-40 degrees here this morning.

Enough said.

Space II

Space I

Foa w:Lion

“Those parts of the earth not yet trodden by the foot of man, where nature is left to itself, are becoming more and more rare at the end of the nineteenth century. Future generations will only find in fossil traces of those gigantic animals which an unknown law is sweeping little by little from the face of the globe, giving preferences to races smaller and better adapted to lack of space and to the ever-increasing invasion of humanity.”

— Edouard Foa, F.R.G.S.
“After Big Game in Central Africa” c.1899