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Enjoying the Sunrise


Post & photo courtesy of AJ


Drawing Board


We’ve spent a little time over the past couple of days mentally repacking The Rover and reconfiguring the layout in the back. It’s an attempt to keep the weight up on the roof to a minimum, while keeping the back simplified and organized. The only thing more frustrating than not able to get to a item when you really need it, is to not be able to find the item at all.

There’s been a fair amount of: “If you get rid of that, you can replace it with this”; or “Do you really need that? And how many spare parts do you need to take along?”

It’s been fun, although I also have to be on the watch for: “This is just extra weight that you don’t need, let me cut it off”. I’m aware that the tie downs along the sides are not being used, but we are not cutting them from the truck even if they do cause air drag.


Spring in Minnesota


In a state of denial, I really had figured that I had seen the last of snow until september at the earliest. Minnesota had other ideas.
A nice wet four inches or so of the white stuff is blanketing The Rover this morning. It is actually nicer in Fairbanks today.
I’ve been told that the record for the ice going out on Lake Minnetonka is May 10. That record is now in jeopardy.
I know I have that snow brush buried in The Rover somewhere.

Travel Day

I had breakfast this morning in Knoxville with Tom and his sister and her husband. It’s been a few years, so it was great seeing them again, and I was glad that I didn’t depart earlier.
Since Knoxville Raceway had called off Saturday’s races, I had a lot of free time on Saturday. In the end I repacked The Rover, then went over all fluid levels. Everything looked good, nothing required a topping off. I’m still getting used to this new concept. Knock on aluminum.

After breakfast, I headed north up I-35 towards Minneapolis. The drive was uneventful other than the standard Rover Gawkers. I thought one kid was going to climb out of the back window of the car and onto The Rover’s wing.

The Rover purred along in the cool air and I found it easy to cruise at 63-65 the entire drive. Several times I looked down to see the speed above 70, and twice it hit 75. I dropped her down even though the engine didn’t feel like it was working hard at all. It was the substantial tailwind; it pushed us up the interstate like we had a large sail attached.

Anderson Speedway

“The World’s Fastest High-Banked Quarter Mile Oval”
Anderson Speedway3

Anderson Speedway

Tony Hunt's #56

On the way back to Iowa from Pittsburgh, we stopped at the Anderson Speedway in Indiana for some non-winged sprint car action. It was the first time I had witnessed a sprint car race on asphalt, as well as a quarter mile track.
As it turned out, it was the first midget race I have seen as well. Spencer Bayston, in his rookie season won the Mel Kenyon Midget series.

We were sitting near Tony Hunt’s crew, and naturally pulling for him to win the “Glen Niebel Classic”. Muncie‚Äôs Aaron Pierce won the event,however, with Hunt slipping into third place on the final lap to get a place at the podium.

Little 500

Anderson Speedway is best known for its “Little 500”, which runs on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend, the night prior to the Indianapolis 500. That’s 500 laps around a 1/4 mile track, with the field of 33 cars starting out in 11 rows of 3. That’s got to be insane to watch.

The best quote I found on the Anderson Speedway: “It’s Like racing jet fighters in a gym.” It’s been attributed to noted short track driver Dick Trickle.

Little 500 photo courtesy of Anderson Speedway