Daily Archives: 5 April 2013

Luckenbach Texas

Luckenbach 2

On the way back to San Antonio, I took a little sidetrip.

I think this would have made a great B&W photo, but I didn’t have any film along today.

Enchanted Rock

enchanted rock

enchanted rock 2

enchanted rock 3

I drove up to Enchanted Rock today using 2 lane ranch roads much of the way. A very nice drive, with quite a few vinyards, and a whole posse of motorcyclists “sharing” the road.

Enchanted Rock is a 425 foot pink granite batholith north of Fredericksburg, TX. It’s beautiful country, and there is a nice series of trails surrounding the area in the park. I chose not to summit The Rock, because that trail was packed, and I could hear screaming children from down by the creek. Instead, I struck out on Turkey Pass Trail, and then circled Enchanted Rock. I didn’t see a dozen people doing these trails. It was wonderful.