Daily Archives: 25 April 2013

Drawing Board


We’ve spent a little time over the past couple of days mentally repacking The Rover and reconfiguring the layout in the back. It’s an attempt to keep the weight up on the roof to a minimum, while keeping the back simplified and organized. The only thing more frustrating than not able to get to a item when you really need it, is to not be able to find the item at all.

There’s been a fair amount of: “If you get rid of that, you can replace it with this”; or “Do you really need that? And how many spare parts do you need to take along?”

It’s been fun, although I also have to be on the watch for: “This is just extra weight that you don’t need, let me cut it off”. I’m aware that the tie downs along the sides are not being used, but we are not cutting them from the truck even if they do cause air drag.