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We went to a Goldpanner’s game Saturday evening. It was the final game in Fairbanks this season, as the Panner’s wrapped up the Alaska Baseball League title earlier in the week. It was a beautiful night to be out at Growden Park and there was a great crowd to see Fairbanks take on the Matanuska Miners.

The Goldpanners played their first game in Fairbanks in 1960. Since then, 200 former Panners have gone on to play Major League ball. That’s more than any other single summer amateur team, and until recently, it was more than the 100 year old Cape Cod League teams combined. Former Goldpanners include: Dave Winfield, Eddie Bane, Shane Mack, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Bobby Crosby.

An interesting tidbit: Of the 21 players who have made their professional debut in the majors, six are Goldpanners, including Dave Winfield (San Diego) and Eddie Bane (Minnesota).

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