Weekend Update:

The Pond

A busy weekend. The weather continues to be phenomenal here in Interior Alaska. Other than mosquitos, this has been one hell of a good summer.
After replacing the master cylinder in the Veedub a few weeks ago, I had the main brake line running to the rear brakes crack. I knew full well that I should have replaced all the lines, but I just wanted to drive the car and replaced what I obviously had to. No doubt, I weakened this line by removal/refit and it popped about a week later. The damn thing runs through the car, and I had to remove the driver’s seat to replace the line. Judging by the corrosion, I’m sure it’s original to the car. The line was a pain, especially disconnecting it at the rear ‘T’. Luckily, that Kroil spray works magic and the Bug was quickly back on the road. I must say one thing: It was the easiest vehicle I have ever bled the brakes on. And I did it solo! Damn. I couldn’t help but glare over at the Land Rover when I was finished.

I took a couple of the dogs out to The Pond in the afternoon, and was surprised at how close to the shore I could get. Normally, one can not get close without waders, but I was out there on it’s edge in tennis shoes. No rain to speak of for an entire summer will dry up the sponge. It will also, with the help of a healthy dragon fly population, take down the mosquito numbers. They are finally getting to a manageable level.

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