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How Bad Have the Mosquitos Been?

Biblically nasty…




Krause Thumbs Up

These photos and the corresponding youtube video, have become a hit in Fairbanks. They were taken & posted online by University of California, Davis researcher Jesse Krause at UAF’s Toolik Field Station north of the Brooks Range.

It looks more like a swarm of locusts.

It’s been a viscious mosquito year throughout the state, to the level that even Anchorage is complaining about them (although they do complain a lot down there). Fairbanks has had it worse than Anchorage, but nothing like what is going on out on the tundra, as these photos show. This was not the summer to travel and camp along the Dalton Hwy.

My favorite quote: “The whole horizon is nothing but mosquitos.”

A special thanks to Jerry Krause for sharing these insane photos.