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Zombie Apocalypse

A new scientific study has been published, rating the preparedness of each state and the nation’s capital to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Alaska came in first, which should come as no surprise. Weather did not enter the study, now that Alaska is sharing the Polar Express with the northern Lower 48.
New Jersey was dead last, with Mississippi and Washington DC just ahead on the food chain.

Alaska’s Zombie Survival Profile:


In a state where residents run from bears and moose, they will not be scared of slow-moving corpses. Alaska is packed with military personnel and veterans, and they’re only a fraction of the well-armed Alaskans prepared to shoot zombies from a moving snowmobile.


Breaking News Update:
27 March 2014

Here is the scorecard for each state and their rankings in Zombie Survival. The scientific report was done by Estately.


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  • Pete

    I am totally shocked to see that you think Texas would surrender to the Zombie Apocalypse. I have spent a number of months down there and know full well those people can and will shoot to remain free. In their hearts they are Alaskans they just do not realize it yet.

    • icefogger

      I too was surprised by Texas’ middle of the road rating. I know several Texans who would dispute their survival score rating, but I only report the results. Fair, accurate and completely Alaska biased.

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