Daily Archives: 7 June 2014

What’s this?

Explain this to me:

Alaska covers over 590,000 square miles of the most beautiful and diverse country on the planet, has over 3.5 million lakes of at least 20 acres, almost 34,000 miles of tidal coastline, and over 100,000 glaciers.
Alaska is the home of: Denali, at 20,320′ it is the highest peak in North America; Wrangell-St Elias; several active volcanoes; over 12,000 rivers including the Mighty Yukon; five species of salmon; and 445 species of birds.
The state boasts populations of 13,000 trumpeter swans, 30,000 grizzlies, 35,000 bald eagles, 70,000 sea otters, 900,000 caribou and over 140 million sea birds, yet with a human population of just over 700,000.

Folks, that’s a lot of elbow room.

Wally World Camping

With all that said, the demand to “camp” in the local Wal-Mart parking lot has become so great, that the retail store has designated a good percentage of their lot to official pull-through RV parking.

What the hell is up with that? People come to Alaska to “camp” on asphalt? I’m beside myself with confusion.

Is it the bears that scare you?