Daily Archives: 19 September 2014



After an excruciating day of replacing “el baƱo del diablo”. I stopped by the post office to find 2 small packages and three additional package slips in my post office box. Upon turning in the yellow, pick-up slips, the clerk looked at me with suspicion. Ever since I received a cylinder head in the mail, the postal clerks seem to approach me with doubt mixed with a healthy dose of concern. Of course, it is possible that it was the complete exhaust system that ruined my reputation with USPS. At any rate, I did confirm to the clerk, “Yes, I believe it’s Rover parts”. She promptly grabbed a cart and ventured into the back.

Three boxes full of brand new Land Rover parts. The efficiency of Rover’s North amazes me sometimes.

There is a habitual planner out there lurking in the corn, who will be thrilled to know that I now have plans for the weekend.