Daily Archives: 17 September 2014

Rover Repairs

Saturday, September 13, was Interior Rover Day in Alaska. It marks the day my Rover’s transmission escaped the transmission shop, after 11 weeks in captivity. 11 weeks!

With the Rover now mobile, I have so many things I want to do to the truck, so many parts to buy… and so few days before the snow flies…

Leaky seal

My old Land Rover does not take well to sitting, and it’s been sitting for a while now. Tonight, I started out by replacing the rear axle shaft seals. I had replaced the passenger side axle shaft in a Minnesota driveway a while back.

Ready for new gasket

The main gasket was fine, but I installed a new one.

Axle shaft w/ felt seal

The leak came from the felt seal at the end of the shaft. It was in poor shape when I pulled it out.

The driver’s side had only a minimal leak, but I replaced both the gasket and felt seal on that shaft too. I must be getting good at this: The job took 30 minutes per side to complete.

Mark my words, Interior Rover Day will catch on and go global.