Daily Archives: 22 September 2014

Door Weatherstrip

Upper passenger door

A few years back, I was forced to replace the weatherstripping (as well as the glass and mirror) on the driver’s side door while parked in a driveway in the Twin Cities. I decided to replace the weatherstripping on the passenger door before I went back there and someone else decides that it is time for that weatherstripping to be replaced.

No more folded up pieces of cardboard between the glass panels to keep the rattle down to a minimum. These truly are strange times.

New weatherstripping

The Series door splits in half with two bolts. Overall, it came apart easily. The rivets holding the rubber seal between the two door panels had to be drilled out, as well as the lock mechanism and some of the screws holding the bottom track in place. I’m certain that the window track was original to the truck, so there were only remnants of sign that they once held weather-strip.

In some ways, working on an old vehicle, is like working an archeological dig.