Daily Archives: 4 December 2014

Five Star Woop Woop

The Holden Jackaroo (1981-2002) was a rebadged Isuzu Trooper out of Australia. The five speed manual transmission and 2.8 ltr turbo diesel would be the option I’d be interested in. And according to Jackaroo adverts, that’s the version that brings families together in the Outback.

The Jackaroo Rigout Package… Only $29,950!

Just look at those features! Seat trim insignia and decals? Who does that these days? That’s not much of a roof rack, mate… but at least the truck has the kangaroo bar & five-star woop woop.

For those of you who don’t speak Australian, like me five minutes ago. Woop woop is defined as “the middle of nowhere”.
Example: “Where do you live?”
“Out woop woop, man.”

Thanks to readers in Milwaukee for putting the Jackaroo onto our radar.