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Mick Tingelhoff was finally elected to the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday. Over 36 years have passed since Tingelhoff last snapped the final football to Fran Tarkenton. Both players retired from the Minnesota Vikings after the 1978 season.

Mick Tingelhoff played linebacker and center for Nebraska and joined the Vikings in 1962 as an undrafted free agent. At Minnesota he became the starting center in his second preseason game and went on to play the next 240 regular season games. In fact, Mick never missed a practice, let alone a game in 17 years. He was named to 6 Pro Bowls and was a five time first team All Pro.

It was overdue:
“Mick is one of the finest centers of all time,” said Packers Hall of Fame linebacker Dave Robinson.

Chicago Bears Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus called Tingelhoff the “toughest center I ever played against.”

“He was a center with a linebacker’s mentality,” former Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant said. “He had the mentality of a defensive player playing on offense. He went out of his way to block people and hustled all the time. He was just a great player and a durable player. He played every week.”

Photo is courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

The Penthouse

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Lioness lounging on Series LR

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Day 4

Lights have lost luster

This could be the start of a warming trend: The thermometer read -47F this morning. Sadly, the high barely seemed to make it beyond -40. People were really crabby today. I think there were thoughts that we may make it through the entire winter without a cold snap. Delusional, but folks need to dream.

Rumor has it that tomorrow will bring temps near -20F. If so, there will be dancing in the Snowbanks.

-50 Day 3

It was bound to happen

When I went to bed last night, the skies were crystal clear and the thermometer read -50. This morning, it had warmed all the way up to -45F. I was hoping for an increase in the high temp as well, but out where I was working today, I did not see it get above -35.

-50 Day 2

January motorcycle ride

Once again it was -50F in the valley. I think we hit a high of -35. Only two days of this, and everyone was crabby. Unfortunately, I was in a really good mood all day, and that just seemed to piss people off. Oddly enough, that just made me more bubbly.

I had to make a run into town to pick up some fuel de-icer for a client whose oil stove was acting up. He was one of the crabby ones today, even though I figured it was something simple like water in the fuel line. In town, I saw a guy on a motorcycle with a side car come out of the ice fog at a light. I knew I had far too many layers on to try to get my phone out to take a picture before the light turned. After picking up the de-icer, I saw the guy ahead of me on Farmer’s Loop. I took a quick picture, but it’s kind of hard to make out the crazy guy on the bike, but he’s ahead of the red pickup. Taking a photo in -50 degree temps is not as easy as it looks.

When I reached the customer’s home, I found that the fuel cap was flipped open, and the ladder leaning against the tank was covered in snow. I believe they call that, “An invitation”…

Long underwear and flannel lined Carhartts


As the east coast braced for the snowstorm of the century, Interior Alaska reverted back to “normal”. The thermometer this morning had us right at the cusp of -50 F degrees.
No matter how you cut it, that’s damn chilly.

This doesn’t make me a Badger

Aldo Leopold bow hunting

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has a free online course on hunting and conservation which is centered on Aldo Leopold and his writings. I was intrigued, and spontaneously signed up once the course was announced, and now it starts on Monday. I haven’t taken any classes in ages, and have far too much going on as it is right now, but I’m still going to plod through and see what it all is about. All one has to do is throw “Leopold” out there, and I’m in. In fact, I think the last course I took involved Leopold here at the University of Alaska, and that one was not even close to being free.

The general course aim:
“The overall goal of this course is to engage you in learning about how wildlife management and recreational hunting play a role in the evolving face of conservation.”

On the plus side, I already have the text book, and have read it many, many times.

Wish me luck, and remember:

Don't be a Badger

Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Bring it On

It’s been a strange winter here in Alaska. As of today, Anchorage was 32″ below their annual average snowfall and Fairbanks has not seen the thermometer drop to -40F yet.

But it looks like Winter is about to make a guest appearance. Anchorage could see up to a foot of fresh powder over the next few days, and the mercury is about to drop here in Interior Alaska. It looks like we’ll see temps near -40 at night this weekend and early next week.

Call me crazy, but a winter without -40 just does not seem right. How do the people in the Lower 48 survive without it?

Side Tracked

It’s a heat thing…

Heat Booster

As I try to balance working on the house and working on the Rover, I’ve decided to complicate life even more by trying to do a little Beetle work. I’ve always wanted to hunt down one of the gasoline powered heaters that were a VW dealer installed option back in the day. They are difficult to find in decent condition, and for a price that is less than I paid for the car in the first place.

I’ve opted to try to add a pair of booster fans to the air ducts instead. The kits run around $169 when you can find them, but I’ve found a couple of inline fans that have a very good reputation within the VW Cult. $19.99 each, and available on Amazon. I just love free shipping.