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Happy Winter Solstice

Solstice Stats Fairbanks

Winter has officially arrived, and Interior Alaska is taking the date a little more seriously than usual. On Friday, December 19, Fairbanks saw its first subzero high temperature of the winter season. On average, we see our first subzero high by November 18.

Our unusually warm winter continues. The coldest we have seen so far, was -18 degs, which we hit on November 27 and 28. I can remember years when we couldn’t wait to see the temperature rise up to -20, and so far this season, we have yet to even drop down to that. It’s been damn nice, and I’ve been going through firewood at a snail’s pace. For the record, the latest we have ever seen the first -20 is January 3, which happened back in 1915.

Our winters may seem warmer lately, but they haven’t been any brighter. Sunrise this morning will be at 10:58 am, with the sun setting at 3:39 pm. Keep your eyes open, because it’s going to be a quick one.