Daily Archives: 27 December 2014

Best laid plans

New Series Radiator

The new Rover radiator & hoses arrived just before Christmas. A few weeks ago, after taking the Rover out to bid a job, an oncoming tricked out Ford with mudders launched a projectile at my Rover. I saw the incoming missile, then heard it strike and bounce around under the bonnet before detonation. By the time I arrived home, there was a fine, green mist flowing out of my radiator. The impressive odds of such a precise strike without a guiding system, not withstanding, I was kind of ticked off.

My intention was to fire up the torpedo heater in the Rover Hut and get to work on the truck today. Unfortunately, I was rudely surprised to find the temp hovering around -20 this morning, which destroyed the minimal motivation that I had.

We had five inches or so of snow fall from Christmas night on, so I pulled the snowblower out of the Rover Hut, and quickly found that it needed to be dragged into the cabin for a pre-start warm up. By the time the drive was plowed, and firewood hauled into the cabin for the week, I realized that the new radiator could wait until at least -10.