Great Basin .44-40

Winchester 1873

An extremely weathered Winchester 1873 rifle was found in Great Basin National Park by archeologists conducting surveys. The rifle was found leaning against a juniper tree with it’s stock partially buried in the dirt. How long it has been leaning against that juniper is impossible to know, but it’s safe to say it has been there for a very long time.

Lost 1873 Winchester

It’s not hard to imagine why it went undiscovered for so long, the unloaded Winchester looks like it is part of the juniper.

Great Basin '73 Closeup

According to the still visible serial number, this particular rifle was one of 25,000 Model 1873’s manufactured by Winchester in 1882. One could buy a ’73 back in 1882 for $25.

Photos courtesy of the National Park Service

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  • Pete

    Make you stop and think when you read about something like this.I wish I could ‘share’ your post on my FB account. I have a lot of old timers who would appreciate seeing that rifle. If your on FB you could just post it to my page if you get a chance. Thanks

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