Daily Archives: 17 February 2015

30 Degrees!

It finally warmed up enough to get the new radiator in The Rover.

Radiator Puncture
Leakage source

The missile launched was a direct hit on the not so old radiator. Damn trucks running mudders.

New Radiator
The new, matte black radiator in place

It wasn’t a bad swap, but this time the holes on the shroud did not match up with those on the new radiator’s framing, which was a bit of a surprise, since last time it was perfect. I bought a new radiator hose pick that really worked slick. Well worth the purchase. I replaced all the hoses, but the old ones will go in the tool box as emergency spares, since they really were not very old.

I installed my cold front today as well. Not to increase my heater output, but to protect the new radiator from incoming missiles.