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March to your own beat

Nuggets - Drummers

Comic courtesy of Nuggets

Bore Tide on a paddle board

It must be spring in Anchorage, because surfing the bore tides of Turnagain Arm has returned. I believe this was filmed down by Girdwood, which is just south of Anchorage on the Seward Highway. The surfers were cruising in at 7mph, and the ride can last 40 minutes or so.

It’s pretty cool, but don’t get caught out on those mudflats.

It’s all in the angles

Series I Deflection
Photo credit: Land Rover

The Celebration Line

Defender Line

Land Rover has recreated the 1948 production line used to manufacture its first four wheel drive vehicle, The Series I. The “Defender Celebration Line” details the history of the Wilks Bros., who were the founders of the Land Rover. The exhibition is located in one of the original buildings at the Solihull factory.

Series I production

Replica models are showcased at various stages of production, each one built using original parts and in the original method of production, which usually meant hand tools. Land Rover turned to the curator of the Dunsfold Collection, Phil Bashall, to oversee the creation of the “new” Series I’s. Dunsfold is home to the world’s largest collection of rare and unique Land Rovers and parts.

The Series I

Working alongside Bashall was Roger Crathorne, who is otherwise known as “Mr Land Rover”. Crathorne was born in Solihull, and started working as an apprentice at the Land Rover factory in 1963. He retired from Land Rover in 2013 after 50 years of service to the company.

Is that Oxford?!

Despite the 8000 original Land Rover parts that Bashall had in his collection, it still took a period of months to collect the parts needed to recreate the assembly line. Then another 5 weeks for Bashall and Crathorne to assemble the five vehicles that appear in the “Celebration Line”.

Series I strutting its stuff

Tours are open to the public for 45 pounds. The display lasts through 2015, which is the Defender’s last year of production at Solihull. I am overdue for a visit to the UK.

All photos are courtesy of Land Rover

Making the rounds

Cpl. Shaun Begg moves in on goal

I know this picture is making the internet rounds, but it’s hockey and we are in the middle of the NCAA playoffs, and I’m bouncing of the walls to get to a game in person, so…

Called the “most Canadian photo ever”, which is very hard to argue with, Cpl. Shaun Begg of the Canadian Mounted Police had flown into Shamrock Lake in the Purcell Mountain region of British Columbia. Dressed in full uniform, plus the standard winter gear of ice skates and hockey stick, Begg moves in on goal. It’s a tough angle, but he is a Mountie after all.

Photo credit: BCRCMP

For the Gearheads

2015 is the 60th Anniversary of the Chevrolet Small Block V-8. Introduced in 1955 as a 265 cubic inch delight to car folks and hotrodders everywhere, the Chevy Small Block was originally available in the Corvette & Bel Air models. The debut version of the iconic V-8 went from design to production in 15 weeks.

The video above was put together by Hagerty and it shows the teardown, machining, and rebuild of a small block engine taken from a 1970 Impala convertible. In their tribute to the Chevy Small Block V-8, the video is made up mostly of still shots … 20,000 still shots in all.

My Dad had a 1955 Bel Air with the new 265 V-8, a three speed synchromesh manual transmission with the optional overdrive. I think it’s safe to say that he wishes now he never sold that car. Or the ’57 Bel Air… or the ’58 Bel Air convertible…

Tsk… tsk…

Harvard vs Minnesota

Harvard vs Minnesota
Hannah Brandt moves in to score against Harvard. Photo credit: StarTribune

Congrats to the Minnesota Gopher Women’s hockey team on winning their third National Championship in the last four years by defeating Harvard 4-1.

Ridder Arena was the place to be on Sunday afternoon.

Battle at The Joe

Minnesota vs Michigan

This Minnesota senior class has won four consecutive regular season championships, been to two Frozen Fours and one National Championship game, but they have not won a tournament championship. It’s their last chance, and the Michigan Wolverines stand in their way.

The season series has each team with two wins. This is the rubber match. It should be a very entertaining game at Joe Louis. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the National Tourney, and Michigan has to win to get in.

Graphic courtesy of Golden Gopher Hockey


Update: 22 March

Kyle Rau with B1G Trophy
Captain Kyle Rau with the B1G Tournament Trophy. Photo credit: StarTribune

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers defeated the University of Michigan Wolverines 4-2 in the Big Ten Championship game. The victory gives Minnesota the automatic bid into the NCAA tournament, and the loss knocks Michigan out of the field for the third year in a row after 22 consecutive appearances.

The Gophers will move on to the Northeastern Regional in Manchester, NH to face the Bulldogs of Duluth. It will be the fifth meeting this year between UM & UMD.

Those were the days…

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Musicians Played Instruments?

You never know what you’ll find…

… at a Fairbanks transfer site.

Bear for the taking