Happy Alaskans

Brown Bears Fishing Alaska
Fishing in Alaska

In their annual “State of the States” poll, Gallup came to the conclusion that Alaska ranked #1 for overall well being of its residents out of all 50 states.

In Gallup’s Well-Being Index, on a scale between 0 and 100, Alaskans had a score of 64.7. We also had the number one score of “sense of purpose” out of all America.

It is the first time Alaska has ranked #1 in this poll. I believe that is due directly to the recent warmer winters.

Since Alaska is already too crowded as it is, I suggest checking out the #2 ranked state: Hawaii.

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  • Pete

    That sense of well-being may be due in part to our being separated from the rest of the country by another Nation? Or maybe it is because we sit quietly by our stoves and laugh at the way those ‘other’ states are acting?

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