Spongy Clutch

Removed Tunnel

With it being another nice day in the far north, I was back in the Rover Hut today to pick up where I left off in Rover Refurbishment. A spongy clutch had me concerned that the clutch slave cylinder needed to be replaced. Several years ago, I chose to replace the seals and rebuilt the slave cylinder instead of replacing it. After removing the transmission tunnel, which I really didn’t want to do again, and pumping the clutch, I quickly saw that it was the hose from the slave that was seeping fluid.

Early Series IIa Clutch hose

Removing the old hose went easily, one of the perks of previous oil leakage. The bracket holding the hose to the firewall had a broken set of rivets, so even with drilling the old ones out and riveting the bracket back in place, the hose replacement took less than 30 mins.

Series Slave Cylinder

Both the hose and bleeder are on the top of the slave. I took the bleeder out for ease of getting at the hose in the back. Note to Land Rover: A swivel fitting on the slave end of the hose would have been a really nice design feature.

Anyone who has tried to bleed a Series system knows that it’s best to have a supply of Scotch nearby on the day the bleed is attempted. It’s one of those nasty activities that one needs to mentally psych up for, before even opening the can of DOT 4. I hate to say it went well, but it turned out to be only a beer night and not a Scotch night.

I am not quite ready to put the floor panels and tunnel back in, however. It’ll be a challenge with last night’s fresh snow, but I’ll just lay the floor boards in and get it on the road first before I tighten everything down. Past experience tells me that I have a few bubbles to shake loose first.

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